Struggling to connect with your state's Disability, Unemployment, or Paid Family Leave office by phone?

We provide an unmatched auto-dialing service that simultaneously calls multiple lines for a fast and painless connection. Our sophisticated detection methods confirm that the call is on hold before calling you and connecting the lines.

In addition, we provide one day of unlimited calling at no extra charge with each payment. If you experience any connection issues, we guarantee you'll speak with a representative. Should you be unsatisfied with a call's outcome, feel free to make another call for the same line on the same day without incurring extra costs.

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Our Live Call Statistics

These statistics provide real-time data for our frequently used phone lines. They are refreshed hourly, covering a span of up to one week averages.

Line Avg. Call Attempts Est. EDDCaller Time Est. Self Calling Time

Call-Tree Builder

Navigating an Interactive Voice Prompt System can be tedious. Use this tool to help you optimize your own calling attempts. Create a contact in your phone by pasting in the result to automate calling a number, adding pauses and dialing digits until you get through on your own.


$9.99 for a Guaranteed Completed Call

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Do you need a line we don't have? Let us know by chat and we will add it then give you a free call!

General Help


How can I get through to EDD on my own?

Getting through to EDD can be tedious, but yes it's still possible. EDD constantly changes their call-tree but using our tools to set up a contact in your phone will help you get through. For example: 1800-300-5616,,,1,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,,,,,,2. Your cellphone will recognize the commas as 1 to 2 second pauses. Calling first thing in the morning is the best option or waiting until after 3pm. You can also see how many attempt it might take you to get through on your own.

Why is this calling service so expensive?

Initially our goal was to have a price of 5 dollars, but the overhead of getting through to a line has gotten more difficult, and processing fees are high. Our system makes multiple simultaneous calls, and when the line hangs up, it starts another call until we gets through. Once we can reduce our overhead the cost will be passed off. Other autodialing services like claimyr and autodial are at least double our pricing.

What if something goes wrong or my call drops?

All calls reset after a minute for another call at no extra price. Otherwise you can reach out by chat at the bottom left and we are here during business hours. We guarantee our service and if we cannot solve the problem we will issue a refund. Refunds will be issued immediately and will take 3-7 days to process. You can also reach out by email or leave a message by phone where we will response within 4 hours.

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Getting through to the employment office can be painstaking. Our goal is to remove that additional stress at an affordable price.

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We guarantee that you will be connected to a hold line where you will speak with a live representative as many times as it takes to complete your conversation.


We use enterprise SaaS solutions for authentication and database to protect your data. Payment processing is through for secure transactions.

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Sign-up, make a payment and you'll recieve a phone call with the employment department. You don't even have to keep the website open unless you want status updates before the call.

Data Privacy

We will never sell any of your information to 3rd parties and we do not store any information other than your phone number for account purposes.